Buying Glasses Online can be Confusing

choosing online glasses can be confusing

Although purchasing glasses online can be convenient by eliminating the need to visit an actual optician’s shop, the sheer number of frame styles presented in images can make it challenging to determine which ones to choose. Similarly, finding the best deals can be perplexing due to the numerous online sites to purchase glasses. On the other hand, visiting an optician’s shop to buy glasses provides the benefit of being guided by a trained professional every step of the way, from selecting the most suitable frame to finding the best optical solution, including sunglasses, multifocal lenses or computer-specific glasses.

Moreover, buying glasses from an optician’s shop guarantees that an experienced staff member will take the necessary time to ensure that the selected glasses fit perfectly, and they will provide a clear explanation of the different features. Unlike online purchases, trying on glasses in person can save you the hassle of having to exchange or return them if they don’t fit as expected. Ultimately, while glasses may appear attractive online, it can be challenging to determine the style and colour without physically trying them. If the glasses that were ordered online need to be adjusted, you will end up having to make a trip to the optical store after all.

disadvantages of buying online glasses

Glasses at Home are here to provide a solution to all these challenges. We send our qualified and experienced opticians to your home with a wide selection of carefully chosen quality frames for you to try on and choose from. If you happen to see some frames you particularly like on our website beforehand we will bring those along too. Our opticians will discuss the pros and cons of different lens types and coatings with you to make sure you have no doubts about any decisions you make. All measurements will be professionally taken to ensure your glasses will fit perfectly.  So, you don’t need to visit the opticians and pay extortionate prices for frames and lenses after all!

Simply reach out and get in touch with us to book a visit and we will guide you through the simple process of buying glasses at online prices without skimping on the care of a professional.